Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Achieveminds Agency announce pioneering partnership to make sleep a focus for esports athletes

In a rapidly growing industry where quality sleep is elusive, this unique collaboration seeks to explore how  SleepEngineTM technology could optimise sleep to benefit the health and success of esports athletes  

Cambridge Sleep Sciences, innovators in sleep, science and sound, and Achieveminds, the leading esports performance consulting agency, have announced a pioneering partnership.

Using their proprietary SleepEngineTM technology, Cambridge Sleep Sciences will collaborate with Achieveminds to explore the effects of enhanced sleep on athlete performance, recovery and overall wellbeing.

Athletes will participate in a trial where they will use a smart pillow featuring the scientifically developed SleepEngineTM technology. Sleep quality will be tracked and mapped to improvements in key performance metrics including alertness and reaction times, accuracy, decision making and recovery times. The trial will be supported by existing partners of Cambridge Sleep Sciences including Mammoth, manufacturers of the SmartPillow.

SleepEngineTM technology comprises psychoacoustic sounds with sinusoidal waveforms. When one of the sleep programmes is played in stereo through high-quality speakers integrated in a compact unit within a pillow, the low-frequency tones guide the user into sleep. They follow natural sleep cycles in the correct order until the sleep programme ends and the user wakes up at the right time in the sleep cycle, feeling refreshed and energised.

The technology has been developed and refined over more than 10 years by a team of researchers, scientists, sound and medical experts. The result is a unique audio solution that helps to retrain the brain to restore healthy natural sleep patterns, a key component for mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing.

Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Achieveminds share a passion for creating solutions which deliver enhanced health and wellbeing for individuals. Alongside nutrition and exercise, sleep is recognised as the third essential foundation of wellness. Combining the elite athletes represented and supported by Achieveminds with the SleepEngineTM technology creates an innovative opportunity to deliver on this shared passion and realise incremental improvements in the performance of esports athletes.

The esports (or pro-gaming) industry has experienced rapid growth over the last five years - a trend which is expected to continue. The global esports market was valued at US$1.72bn in 2023 and is projected to grow from US$2.06bn in 2024 to US$9.29bn by 2032.* Gamers experience a range of physical and mental health conditions and as their number continues to increase, solutions such as improving sleep quality will become of greater importance to ensure optimal athlete health and performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Julian Stone, CEO of Cambridge Sleep Sciences said: “We are excited to be working with Fabian and the Achieveminds team to explore opportunities for our  SleepEngineTM technology to improve the health, performance and recovery of their athletes. We know well the key role that sleep plays for elite athletes and by leveraging our wider partner portfolio, we aim to support delivery of the very best sleep solutions to make a tangible difference in this fast-growing industry.”

Fabian Broich, Owner of Achieveminds Agency emphasised the importance of practical solutions in their collaboration with Cambridge Sleep Sciences. He stated: "We are always looking for tools that can improve life in simple ways, such as changing a piece of equipment or adding a supplement, rather than requiring major lifestyle changes. During competitions, there isn't time for significant lifestyle adjustments, which can be stressful even if beneficial. Something as straightforward as upgrading a pillow to improve sleep can be incredibly effective, given that sleep, besides playing, takes up about eight hours of an athlete's day."


* Fortune Business Insights, April 2024