SleepEngine by Cambridge Sleep Sciences

Our SleepEngineTM technology has been developed and refined over more than 10 years by a team of researchers, scientists, sound and medical experts. The result - a unique audio solution that helps to retrain the brain to restore healthy natural sleep patterns – a key component for mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing.

Using neuroscience and exclusive sound technology, our team investigated how soundwaves can influence brain activity, even when we are asleep. By developing scientifically engineered soundwaves at the right frequencies and in a programmed order, they discovered it was possible to guide our brain through a textbook sequence of sleep cycles and sleep stages.

The SleepEngineTM technology comprises psychoacoustic sounds with sinusoidal waveforms. When one of the sleep programmes is played in stereo through high quality speakers, headphones or ear buds, the low frequency tones guide the user into sleep. They follow natural sleep cycles in the correct order until the sleep programme ends and the user wakes up at the right time in the sleep cycle, feeling refreshed and energised.

We are continually working on integrations of the SleepEngineTM technology into third party product and service offerings. Please do get in touch for more information or if you are interested in discussing an application of our technology.

SleepHub Embedded

Embedded Smart Sleep Audio

The SleepEngine™ technology is physically integrated within a partner product, to create a ‘smart sleep solution’. The sleep audio is delivered directly to the user through in-built speakers. This transforms the performance and effectiveness of existing natural sleep products and creates opportunities for the development of new, differentiated natural sleep products.

The technology components and micro speakers are contained within a compact unit which is embedded into the partner sleep product. The sleep programmes and audio delivery are controlled by the user with a bespoke app which connects by Bluetooth to the unit.

An example of this application is a new smart pillow product which is being developed under a licensing agreement with a leading global pillow manufacturer.

SleepHub App Screenshots

Streamed Sleep Audio

The SleepEngine™ technology uses a dedicated streaming service to deliver the sleep audio directly to a user through a wireless stereo speaker solution. This creates the opportunity for proven, scientifically developed sleep sounds to be made available to users within an existing platform alongside other audio streaming services, or as a new, standalone offering.

A unique app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, controls delivery of the sleep programmes and audio levels. Its intuitive interface enables users to easily create their own tailored, sleep experience, and quickly begin enjoying the health and wellbeing benefits of improved sleep.

An example of this application is a new streaming solution which is being developed under a licensing agreement with a leading premium global audio products brand.

sleephub home

SleepHub® Home

Our first, ground-breaking product, SleepHub® Home is a bedside sleep aid which delivers the SleepEngineTM technology using a pair of premium, wired speakers. A high quality, 7” LCD touch screen enables users to control a choice of sleep programmes, including Deep Sleep and Power Nap. It is widely used in home, hotel and leisure settings.

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