About Cambridge Sleep Sciences

We are passionate about improving quality of life through the power of natural sleep. Our innovative technology and products deliver scientific sound solutions which help provide quality sleep to thousands of people worldwide.

Our SleepEngine™ technology has been developed and refined over 10+ years by a team of researchers, scientists, sound and medical experts. This unique technology produces sleep sounds which emulate the waves created by the brain during sleep cycles. The sleep sounds guide your brain through the sequence of healthy sleep cycles, to help you fall asleep and get the quality of sleep you need in a consistent and optimal way.


Evolving technology

The SleepEngineTM technology was commercially proven by our first ground-breaking electronic sleep aid product, SleepHub®. This created interest from many global businesses and we are working on a range of applications which integrate the technology into third party product and service offerings across such market sectors as audio, smart sleep, hospitality, sport, health and fitness.