Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Ultrahuman announce partnership to revolutionise sleep through cutting-edge biofeedback technology

Insights from Ring AIR will enable SleepEngine™  to make real-time changes to sleep patterns, allowing users to experience the benefits of personalised sleep.

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Cambridge Sleep Sciences, a pioneer in sleep research and technology, and Ultrahuman, the creators of the acclaimed Ultrahuman Ring AIR, have announced a groundbreaking partnership.

Cambridge Sleep Sciences will use the Ultrahuman Ring AIR in sync with their proprietary SleepEngineTM technology, a unique, scientifically developed audio solution created for enhanced sleep quality and recovery.

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in developing a personalised sleep solution, offering users deep insights into their sleep health with real-time improvements to enhance their sleep experience.

SleepEngineTM technology comprises psychoacoustic sounds with sinusoidal waveforms. When one of the sleep programmes is played in stereo through high-quality speakers, headphones or earbuds, the low-frequency tones guide the user into sleep. They follow natural sleep cycles in the correct order until the sleep programme ends and the user wakes up at the right time in the sleep cycle, feeling refreshed and energised.

Cambridge Sleep Sciences and Ultrahuman will leverage their expertise to explore and design closed-loop biofeedback to deliver unparalleled sleep quality. The SleepEngineTM technology will take real-time sleep stage insights and alter soundwaves to reflect the sleep stages and cycles required for an improved, healthier sleep experience.

SleepEngineTM technology has been developed and refined over more than 10 years by a team of researchers, scientists, sound and medical experts. The result - a unique audio solution that helps to retrain the brain to restore healthy natural sleep patterns – a key component for mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing.

“Using the exclusive SleepEngineTM neuroscience and sound technology paired with advanced sleep analytics from the Ultrahuman Ring AIR, users will ultimately have a feedback loop on how soundwaves can influence brain activity and improve their sleep. Moreover, users will be able to realise the benefit of combining both technologies, in real-time, while they sleep. This is a revolutionary step towards improving sleep quality for many around the world” said Julian Stone, CEO of Cambridge Sleep Sciences.

Speaking on the partnership, Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman said “We are excited to partner with Cambridge Sleep Sciences. Using the combination of SleepEngineTM and Ring AIR, users can now access real-time changes to sleep patterns. This is a powerful tool in sleep optimisation. The power of continuous biomarker tracking is enhanced when there are real-time interventions such as the combination of insights from the Ring AIR and real-time sleep optimisations through the SleepEngineTM.”