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SleepHub®, our unique sleep aid device, has been independently reviewed in the Financial Times, one of Britain’s leading financial newspapers. Their expert analysis and broad worldview are respected across all industries, so this is quite the accolade.

We are looking for like-minded partners who share our passion for improving quality of life through the power of natural sleep. Poor sleep is a major health issue, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic, and most of the world’s population will experience sleep problems at some stage in their life.

The challenges and the opportunities are significant. It’s therefore no surprise that the global market for sleep tech devices is projected to surpass $32 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights, Inc.

That’s why we’re pleased to see the Financial Times SleepHub® review, which was featured in their Saturday, 3rd April print edition. Here’s the review:



Written by Jonathan Margolis, the Financial Times.

“ As technological sleep aids go, this British machine, SleepHub, made by Cambridge Sleep Sciences is a substantial beast. It looks like a bedroom stereo system, with a central unit and two quite heavyweight speakers that play a low pulsing hum designed to match the waveforms your brain produces during healthy sleep.

These vary in frequency and pitch through the night to mimic what the sleeping brain should be registering. The sounds are designed to train your brain into matching them. The hum, which would be distracting, is then masked by ambient sounds of your choosing, from white noise to a running stream to trains.

 While it is a little on the elaborate side, a team of neuroscientists and sound technologists has spent 10 years on its development and it seems to work. An insomniac friend who tested it (and hates technology) grudgingly admitted it was “really helpful”.

Other users report that their Fitbits and similar sleep trackers record longer and better quality shut-eye when they are using the device. ”

– Credit: Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times, 3rd April 2021.

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At Cambridge Sleep Sciences, we strive to improve health and wellbeing through the power of natural sleep. We combine the principles of science with cutting-edge technology to enhance brain activity during sleep and develop innovative products that improve quality of life and re-energise lives.

Cambridge Sleep Sciences was formed by experts in sleep, sound and home electronics. Our first product – SleepHub®, helps restore natural sleep by targeting the underlying principal causes of insomnia and poor sleep.

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