Revolutionising sleep: the science behind SleepEngine™ sound technology versus white noise

We’re often asked why our SleepEngine™ sound technology is so different to white noise. This article takes a closer a look at why SleepEngine™ can transform your sleep quality in a way that white noise machines cannot.


About Cambridge Sleep Sciences


Why SleepEngine™ stands out

Unlike white noise machines that mask background noise, the SleepEngine™ sound technology which is featured in our innovative SleepHub® bedside sleep aid and the Mammoth SmartPillow, takes a completely different, science-led approach.

Developed from over ten years of research by leading scientists and sound technologists, SleepEngine™ harnesses the natural power of sound frequencies, which have been used for thousands of years to influence brain activity. This technology has been meticulously designed to guide your brain into a natural, healthy sleep pattern with minimal effort – improving your sleep quality night after night, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energised. And the best bit – this all happens while you sleep!

The science of sleep sounds

White noise works by providing a backdrop of static sound which can mask distracting sounds in your environment, like traffic or an old, clattering heater.

However, SleepEngine™ sound technology takes a proactive approach to addressing sleep challenges, using neuroscience and precision-engineered soundwaves. By tuning these sounds (which we call ‘sleep sounds’) to specific frequencies in a carefully programmed sequence, SleepEngine™ leads your brain through the ideal progression of sleep stages - from light to deep sleep and everything in between.



Listening versus hearing - the SleepEngine™ experience

With SleepEngine™ technology, the sounds are designed to be heard but not actively listened to. Colin Aston-James, the creator of SleepEngine™, explains, "We started with musical sounds from singing bowls and pan  pipes, which were too engaging. We shifted to pure tones that blend into the background, so your brain can tune into them without conscious effort."

Just like a band adjusting to the beat of a drum, our brains are wired to follow rhythms and patterns. SleepEngine™ leverages this natural propensity by aligning these rhythms with your sleep cycles, fostering a seamless sleep experience that helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rejuvenated.



Transformative sleep - more than just a dream

During a good night's sleep, your brain cycles through various stages, each associated with specific brainwave patterns. Disruptions in these patterns can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia. SleepEngine™ technology not only maintains the natural order of these stages but enhances their quality.

Just as athletes train to perfect their skills, regular and consistent use of SleepEngine™ trains your brain for optimal sleep and helps to build better sleep habits. Dr. Julian Stone, CEO of Cambridge Sleep Sciences, notes, "Increasingly demanding lifestyles can disrupt our natural sleep rhythms. SleepEngine™ sound technology gradually realigns these rhythms, transforming erratic sleep into a restorative nightly ritual."



SleepEngine™ soundscapes

SleepEngine™ sound technology does include white noise amongst a range of other soundscapes including rain, ocean and wind. The soundscapes have been created as an option to play alongside the scientifically developed sleep sounds. So, you can choose to hear your preferred soundscape whilst the advanced technology does all the work to help you experience healthy sleep and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits that brings.


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